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Differentiation appeal from existing SRPGs, ending the domestic test of Rag Arena

Gravity ended the domestic closed test on the 25th of the mobile SRPG ‘Ragnarok Arena’.

Ragnarok Arena is the second title of Ragnarok’s 20th Anniversary Trilogy, a mobile SRPG that combines MMORPG elements. Ragnarok character growth and change are possible, and monsters are collected and strategically placed, and characters and monsters battle together. In addition to the basic character growth, monster grades, Sangseong, and placement determine the win or loss.

The domestic test was conducted from the 19th to the 25th, and in the survey after the test, the difference is clear compared to other SRPGs in that it is necessary to consider all character growth and monster placement. It has a taste of playing the game, ‘and’ The character is expected to be launched because it is fun to grow. ‘

Ragnarok Arena Sun Sang-woong PM said, We were able to finish successfully with many users participating in the Ragnarok Arena domestic CBT for a week. I said.


Meanwhile, Gravity has been booking in the Ragnarok Arena official page and both major markets since August 3.