Olympics Elyx Summit 2022 AUG. Success

[meta bus Park Ye-jin Reporter] Olymptom Planet (CEO Kwon Jae-hyun), a meta bus space platform company, announced on the 25th that the ‘Elepax Summit 2022 August (AUG.)’ held in the Seoul COEX Conference Room 2nd floor ASEM Ballroom was successful. did.

The event was held under the theme of ‘MetaVerse Transformation’ with the slogan ‘Meta Bus World in Elys,’ and ‘MetaVerse Transformation’. It was broadcast in real time.

In this lecture, a total of five sessions, Dr. Jang-woo Lee, Dr. Jang-Woo Lee, gave a lecture on the theme of ‘2023 economic downturn and methus will be a new alternative.’ Dr. Lee introduced a new perspective on Methus, saying, Meta bus is not a combination of advanced technology, but a cultural space of imagine with experiences and stories.

Next, Lee Jang-woo and Vice President Ahn Ho-joon, vice president of Olymp Planet, conducted a real-time talk with the session of ‘What is the content of the attracted space?’ The talk session dealt with what to do to be a sustainable company in the methus era.

The afternoon session is the theme of ‘The Birth of an IP called the Attraction of the Age of the Age’, ‘The Power of Space and Empathy’ of INNOCEAN YANOCOM, and the story of ‘Museum Meta Bus, which was not heard anywhere in the Sabina Art Museum Han Sang-ik Curator’ The lecture was held.

After the end of the session, the company will hold an participatory workshop on the theme of ‘Samsung Electronics Bisfork Hometa’ case study, which was built as an elegus, ‘Set My Company and Meta Bus, Brand Universe’. After the workshop, you will receive an elegus goods diffuser with your certificate.

Shin Seung-ho, General Manager of Olympic Planet Shin Seung-ho (CMO), said, In 2023, the uncertainty of the foreign environment is increasing, and if you actively use Metavus as a company’s assets, it can be a breakthrough that can lead to new growth of business despite the recession. said.

Olympics Planet will continue to communicate with an in-past somit, said Olymp Planet Ahn Ho-jun.

Meanwhile, Olymp Planet is pioneering metavus transformation by building more than 20,000 immersive meta buses and brand worldviews in the fields of real estate, exhibition, commerce, media, and entertainment through the Meta Bus Space platform Elipes.