Goodbye to Wano! One Piece Chapter 1057 now available; How to read free in Spanish

It doesn’t go anymore. The third act of Wano closes and with him we say goodbye to the longest arch of One Piece. It is time to say Goodbye to the Pirate Alliance , Momonoske and characters that have accompanied us for more than ten years. Well, of that and getting out of doubt with the theme of carrot and yamato. Who will join the Mugiwara? Both? One? None?! Remove the scarves and the torches , because the end of Wano will give what to talk about. And chapter we do not mean much more, let’s review when and Where to read for free, in Spanish and legally chapter 1057 of One Piece .

One Piece 1057, where to read the chapter?

Chapter 1057 of One Piece is called final curtain and is already available for free and in Spanish in manga plus .

  • Read Free Chapter 1057 of One Piece in Manga Plus through this link.
  • Download the Manga Plus app on Android from here.
  • Or install manga plus on your iPhone or iPad by clicking here.

When will One Piece end?

Although Eiichiro Oda hchapter promised that after Wano comes the final arch of the Histora , it is most likely to refer to the final saga and not an arc chapter such. The Sagchapter cover several of these and there are too many issues to be addressed to be one (the reunions with Shanks and Luffy’s father, the visit to Laught Tale, the clchapterhes with the world government and bearding, etc.). If we say, a saga would be One Piece for a while. It is enough to remember that the lchaptert saga, that of the four emperors, hchapter lchapterted eight years and had chapter long and important frames chapter Zou, Whole Cake Island and Wano.


However, the author dares to put date at the end: I should not say this out loud, because then things never come out, but currently my goal is to end One Piece in three years . These days we have analyzed how much Oda fails in his predictions, and far from the popular belief that he hchapter been saying the three years, it seems that 2024 or 2025 hchapter always been the objective .