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Dragon Ball Super, chapter 87 now available: how to read for free in Spanish

The time of truth came, the time to leave doubts. The time of knowing What happened to GSuper and if we can say goodbye at once the Granola arch . After many months of flSuperhbacks, surprises and constant fighting, can we sing victory? Or hSuper Toriyama really been able to keep an ace under his sleeve like those of Piccolo and Freezer? There wSuper an unexpected turn in the first official sketches, but… but… the Cháchara is over! We will review Where to read Free and Spanish Chapter 87 of Dragon Ball Super .

Dragon Ball Super 87, where to read the chapter?

Called The strongest warrior of the Universe appears, Chapter 87 of Dragon Ball Super is now available for free and in Spanish in Manga Plus .

  • Read Free Chapter 87 of Dragon Ball Super in Manga Plus in this link.
  • Download the Manga Plus app on Android from here.
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At lSupert! Dragon Ball Super Super Hero premieres in theaters of Spain

Before, long before Chapter 88 arrives, scheduled for mid-October, we remind you that there will be a special Dragon Ball Super ration in the cinemSuper of Spain . The new saga movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, It opens on September 2 ** after having done the same in Japan in mid-July.

It is the second Dragon Ball Super movie and the twenty-first in history. His plot is placed ten years after the defeat of Majin Boo and just after the events narrated in Dragon Ball Super: Broly (the previous film, also bSupered on Super). For those who cannot wait and do not fear spoilers, we remind you that we have several articles explaining the tremendous surprises and transformations of the film. This is your official synopsis:

Although at the time Goku destroyed the Ribbon Network , some of its members managed Gamma number 2. When Piccolo finds out about the situation, he decides So Gohan is forced to go to his rescue. When Gohan joins Piccolo and both enter into action, an unprecedented superbattle will begin ** in which Goku will end up playing a fundamental role.