The hot spring management action ONSEN MASTER will be released on September 1st. Work for hot spring customers who avoid rough youkai, aim for the hot spring master

Publisher Whitethorn Games announced on August 15 that it will release ONSEN MASTER on September 1, local time. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and overseas Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch.


ONSEN MASTER is a hot spring management action game overlooked. The stage is a fantastic island called IZAJIMA. Players struggle to respond to customers to revitalize the island hot springs. The game supports local multiplayer in addition to solo play. In addition to the story mode cooperation play, a one-on-one match mode seems to be prepared.

There are six hot springs in the game. In the story mode, the story develops over those hot springs. As IZAJIMA has a dark cloud, youkai are confused the hot springs. MU, the main character, struggles instead of the missing hot spring master (ONSEN MASTER). The order of the hot spring is restored and reveals the cause of the disappearance of the hot spring master. On the other hand, it seems that arcade mode is also included that can skip such a story and play immediately.

Players rush through the hot springs to have hot spring customers relax. In order to cure the customer’s illness, the appropriate ingredients are prepared and put into the bath. Occasionally, youkai may interfere with players. The trailer can also see how the customers clean the dirty hot spring floor. At the top of the screen, there is also a display such as time limit and sales amount. There seems to be a boss like a huge skeleton. In the match mode, two players compete in the same hot spring. Developer Waking Oni Games is in charge of the development of this work. In the United States, the pop Japanese-style world, which is based in Chicago, will be the highlight.

ONSEN MASTER will be released on September 1, local time for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and overseas Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch.