Explanation of the Tower of Fantasy Rebirt of Clemency

The Tower of Fantasy Rebirt of Clemency event is devoted to the first limited banner of the game, which depicts SSR Simulacra Nemesis and Venus accompanying its weapon. The event passes until September 1, 2022 and is open to all players who unlock the Special Order scrap system after completing the game.

What is an event Renaissance of mercy in Tower of Fantasy?

This event is a limited banner with the image of SSR Simulacra, Nemsesis. During the event, you can draw for it to increase speed using Red Nuclei. Unlike Nucleus Cache gold and black banners, a limited banner gives you the opportunity to get the recommended SSR with an increase in the rating. One red nucleus is 150 dark crystals.

Characters with a limited banner do not always get to a standard banner after launch. After this event, you probably will not be able to pull for Nemesis ** more-at least until its limited banner returned or until the developers decide to place it in a standard banner.

Does the event Revival of mercy of SSR Nemesis guarantees?

SSR can be obtained with a probability of 0.75% in a limited banner of the Event Revival of Mercy. As soon as you pull the SSR, there is a 50 percent chance that it is Nemesis. And a 50 percent chance that it will be a standard banner character. You are guaranteed SSR after 80 jerks but you do not guarantee Nemesis through this method. Pity is not discarded until after 80 pity.

For example, if you get SSR for 40 jerks, pity is not discarded. You will still get a guaranteed SSR after 80 attempts. As soon as this guarantee is obtained, the pity counter will be reset, so you can get another guaranteed SSR after another 80 attempts. You can monitor your rods checking the counter in the middle of the screen.

How to get a guaranteed SSR Nemesis in the Tower of Fantasy Rebirt of Clemency event

For each red nucleus you will spend in a limited banner Renaissance of mercy, you will receive one fiery gold as a bonus reward. This currency can be spent in a limited store, in which there is a weapon SSR Nemesis, Venus . It costs 120 flame gold (corresponds to 120 tension) for buying Venus, and this purchase includes both weapons and simulacra.

You need to exchange earned fire gold during the event . After the event is completed, all fiery gold will be transformed into black gold, and a limited store will no longer be available. Black gold can still be used in a weapon store, but it can only be exchanged for simulacra with which you already own.

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