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Unauthorized indie game sale at NFT Makeples of major US game shops. A mystery solving escape mystery of up to six people. New Open World RPG advance DL start [Weekly Spa Lan 8/5 ~]

From August 5, 2022 (Fri) to August 11, 2022 (Thursday), GAMESpark’s top 5 articles read this week Gem Spa Ranking , abbreviated. It is time for Weekly Spaan *. It is also recommended for those who want to review for a week and want to know quickly because they are busy!

5th place- Unauthorized indie games are sold in NFT Makeples of major US game shops

It turns out that multiple indie games were sold in NFT without permission at the NFT Market Place Gamestop NFT , which was launched as a beta version in July by GAMESTOP in the United States. 。

This GAMESTOP NFT was launched as a beta version on July 11 local time. Two weeks later, it is a problem that the NFT art work entitled Falling Man is exactly the same as the symbolic photo of 9/11 terrorism, and finally Gamestop caused the terms of use. It was controversial, such as being deleted from the marketplace as a violation. According to overseas reports, multiple indie games sold as Nifty Arcade Collection were interactive NFTs that could actually play, but they were NFT and sold without producers. It looks like it is.

The NFT creator acknowledged that it did not require permission before sales, and the NFT has already been deleted from the marketplace, and the account of the creator, Nathan Ello, has also been frozen. In addition, Ello has offered to provide 100 % of the earnings obtained from the primary distribution to original game creators, but some of the creators are dissatisfied with the postpartum response. There seems to be.

Unauthorized indie game sales with NFT Makeples of GAMESTOP GAMESTOP-Further problems in controversial

4th place- Up to 6 people to solve mysteries Escape Puzzle Mystery ESCAPE FIRST ALCHEMIST Steam page release

The Steam store page of the escape puzzle mystery Escape First Alchemist by ONSKULL GAMES has been released.

This work is a solving puzzle escape game from a first-person perspective that can be played with a solo, co-op, up to six PvP. In order to escape from the trapped workshop, the player finds a recipe in the studio to create a new potion, observe the surroundings carefully, communicate with his friends, and escape. I will grab and solve many interactive puzzles.

You can play online cooperation with up to six players, or play PvP where you can solve the puzzle quickly, and you can cross play between desktops and VR. It also has a Japanese interface and subtitles.

Solve the mystery with up to 6 people! Escape Puzzle Mystery ESCAPE FIRST ALCHEMIST Steam Page Release-Compatible with VR/Desktop

3rd place- A town planning sim with craft and survival elements Farthest Frontier early access start

Crate Entertainment, known as the Grim Dawn developer, has launched the early access of the new town planning survival Farthest Frontier for PC (Steam).

This is a town planning simulation game with craft elements and survival elements. Players will open up the wilderness at the end of the world, and continue to build and develop the town to build and hunt materials, fish, and build farms. Through transactions and consumption with villagers, you must survive while crafting items to create weapons and fighting harsh environments and external threats.

50 kinds of buildings can be built, and the production items are upgraded as the city flourished. The city and the people who live there are highly simulated, and work such as product processing and agriculture is developed in real time. It is said that it is important to survive to fight with looters and foreign troops, build stone walls, recruit soldiers, and defend the town.

Early access starting FARTHEST FRONTIER with craft and survival elements

2nd place- Sonic Series Charaskin reappears

MediaTonic has announced a new collaboration between Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Sonic the Hedgehog series.


Collaboration with Sonic and Knuckles had been done before, but it is clear that Tales, Eggman, and Super Sonic will appear. This work has been collaborating with various characters so far, and Terry and Mai in the popular SNK’s popular fighting game Garou Legend were collaborating.

In this collaboration, in addition to the five types of skins and the acquisition of the Sonic Foot Tap emot, a mode Bean Hill Zone, which allows you to collect points and get items, will also appear. This new collaboration is scheduled to be held until August 15, so those who are worried will still be in time!

Sonic character reappeared in Fall GUYS-Limited time events to introduce new skin and new game mode

1st place- New open world TOWER OF FANTASY Character make-up pre-DL start

Pre-downloads for PC/iOS/Android for the SF Open World RPG Tower of Fantasy by Level Infinite have started.

In this work, which is a science fiction open world RPG where you can enjoy battle and exploration in the Cyberpunk-style world Aida Star, you can enjoy character makeup elements such as switching weapons, interacting with other players, hairstyles and clothes. 。

Until 9:00 am on August 11, the service start time, it was possible to make characters in the game download, installation, and update and in the game at the pre-download stage. At the same time, frequently asked questions, downloading methods, minimum/recommended environments, etc. are also available on the official website.

In addition, an interview with Merrill’s voice actor Yui Ishikawa has been released. Follow & RT will also have a campaign of Yui Ishikawa’s signature colored paper and 2,000 yen for Amazon gift vouchers until August 16th.

TOWER OF FANTASY is currently offering services for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store)/iOS/Android.

New open world TOWER OF FANTASY pre-download start-You can enjoy character makeup immediately

The most read article this week was the pre-DL article of the hottest open world RPG TOWER OF FANTASY. Some bugs have been reported for this work, which has already started, but the developer will recognize that there are still many drawbacks. In addition, GAME*SPARK’s sister site inside contains a play repo, so if you are worried about this work, why not check it out?