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LOL: The eliminated object will return 6 years later and will be very important in season 13

Riot Games’s first plans for League of Legends season have been revealed by accident and have made it clear that the main objective is to change the jungle definitively. An ambitious plan that is not surprising because the developer has always had problems to create a definitive version of the neutral camps area. However, there is something very striking in how the company intends to achieve it, which has a plan on horseback between madness and genius whose touchstone is to recover an object eliminated six years ago.

The missing item for years returning in season 13

The only commitment established by Riot Games for the next season of League of Legends is to introduce pets to accompany us in the jungle. The intention is that some small monsters accompany us during the first minutes to accompany us in the cleaning of camps so that we can take care of them and help them until the time comes when they are the ones who manage to give their face for us. The idea seems novel, but nothing is further from reality. This already existed in season 5 and was a real disaster .

The Devorador is an object that was available in League of Legends since the end of 2014 to mid-2016 and that became one of the biggest problems that Riot Games has had to face. The item received a total of 9 equilibrium adjustments over just 18 months and alternated times in which it was the most powerful item of the game with others in those was unusable. A equilibrium odyssey that greatly pissed the players and turned champions as Master Yi or Kayle into true monsters.

When the game began the item was a loose thing, but we had the company of a small spectral way that was getting accumulations. One to end camps or champions, two for crab and up to five when eliminating epic monsters. All so that when reaching the magical number of 30 charges began to actively participate in combat. When he did, he offered additional damage to each basic of up to 60 points and managed to make one blow and another not, Our impact effects were activated twice .


To get the idea of its power, passive was an improved version of Guinsoo’s fury leaf and the price of the object barely reached half. In this way and beyond great memes or community members who believed that having a pet was very adorable, everyone hated the item. The community celebrated that it is deleted apparently definitively, although we now know that somehow it will be available again in the next season of League of Legends. The good thing is that, most likely, Riot Games will have learned from this episode.

In fact, the problem of the item was not in the concept of invoking a pet that helped us during the games, if not in the extreme power of its passive and the fact that it focuses on a single category of champions (jungles with speed of attack) that has never been particularly brilliant. In this sense, the introduction of a similar mechanic that is well adjusted can even be an incentive to play what is the most feared position by all. In addition, it has allowed us to recall one of the most curious stories of League of Legends.