All of the development PD explains Summers War: Chronicle

Com2us was a summoned MMORPG ‘Summers War: Chronicle’ ahead of the domestic launch on August 16, and the game was attracted by the game’s interview video.

‘Chronicle’ is the first MMORPG based on the global hit “ Summers War ” IP, which has surpassed 150 million downloads worldwide, and is a summoner and battle with three summons. In the interview video released, Com2us Lee Eun-jae, who oversees the development of the Chronicle, explained the information of the game in detail, including the character selection, the summoner acquisition, the combat method, the continent and the dungeon. The company also introduced Chronicle’s differentiated attractiveness points, which maximized the fun of strategy through the summoner combination, and raised expectations.

In the video, the PD said, Among the three summons who are combat, only one soul link is taken and the skill can be controlled directly, he said. It is advantageous. You can switch the summoner and use your skills to suit the situation.


In addition, during the initial play process, a total of 30 screening summons is given, and if you don’t like the summons you earned, you can initialize the screening summons through a simple quest in the game. We introduced Chronicle’s unique features designed to get it.

In particular, the PD attracted more attention by introducing Chronicle as a real play video on a PC. In fact, Chronicle provides a crossplay environment that allows users to access from mobile and PCs so that users can play games in a comfortable environment. It was developed to enjoy Chronicle’s attractive graphics and battle gods on PC monitors and to experience maximized play with more convenient control.

Meanwhile, Com2us is working with prospective summoners for various participating events, providing detailed information about the contents, and providing detailed information about the contents for many domestic users waiting for the release of Chronicle.

For more information about this interview video, please visit the Kronicle official forum site and the official YouTube channel.