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Dungeon rice animation decision! TRIGGER made an animation production, Yes, lets eat monsters!

The animation of the dungeon gourmet manga Dungeon Rice has been decided. To commemorate this, a teaser visual has been released. It turned out that Trigger was in charge of animation production.

Dungeon Rice is a dungeon gourmet manga serialized by Ryoko Kui in Manga Haruta since 2014. This work has so far, This manga is amazing! 2016] Won numerous awards such as the man, the first place, and was expected to be animated.

The adventurer, Rios, who was attacked by a dragon deep in the dungeon and lost money and food, decided to eat monsters to avoid hunger death. The adventures of the Rios who aim to go through the dungeon while eating slime, basilisk, mimic, and dragons that attack the dungeon.

To commemorate the TV animation, a teaser visual is released.
In the center of the visuals, there are Lios surrounding a large pot at the bottom of the dungeon, a wizard girl Malcil, a small chill chuck of a key master, and a dwarf sensation that is good at cooking. And it is a dungeon rice that dungeon monsters see them from the dark, waiting for the completion of a delicious pot.

The animation production of Dungeon Rice is in charge of Studio TRIGGER, known for Little Witch Academia, SSSS.GRIDMAN, and the movie Promeer. Expectations increase how the adventures of the Rios and the dungeon gourmet will be turned into TV animation.

I want to wait for a follow-up report during the broadcast time.

Dungeon rice

Original: Ryoko Kui (Dungeon Rice / KADOKAWA)
Animation production: TRIGGER

(C) Ryoko Kui / KADOKAWA published by KADOKAWA / Dungeon Rice Production Committee
(C) RYOKO KUI 2022