Heaven Burns Red announced Steam version, to respond to data linkage with the smartphone version. Fighting the girls daily life drawn by Jun Asae

WFS (WRIGHT FLYER STUDIOS) announced on July 24 a PC (Steam) version of Heavenburns Red for domestic. The service area is only in Japan, and the release date will be released soon. The Steam store page has been released to the announcement.

Heaven Burns Red is an RPG in which Wright Flyer Studios and Key plan and production, and Jun Asae works on the main scenario. The stage of this work is the earth attacked by a mysterious creature called a caper. Cancers do not use weapons that human beings have created by humanity. As a result, humankind loses to the cancer. Many lands were abandoned, various countries disappeared in war, and most of the land fell under the control of the cancellation.

During the crisis, humankind succeeded in developing new weapons that can be effectively hit to the cancer. In addition, human beings collect things that can manipulate new weapons, and establish a Shinbu squad. The battle of the girls entrusted to the last hope was about to begin. The main character of this work, Tsuki Kinomi, is a genius vocalist who served as a guitar and vocal in a legendary rock band. She becomes a member of the Seraph unit and serves as a unit leader of the 31A unit
She is going to fight with her.


In this work, the player will watch the battle and daily life of the girls belonging to the Seraph unit from the viewpoint of Tsuki Kazuki. The battle with the cancer is developed in a turn-based command battle. In addition to the scenes that go on the field, there are functions that continue to go even when the app is closed, and so-called gachas. In this work, Jun Maeda, who has been working on Air and Clannad, is in charge of the main scenario. The comedy part reminiscent of a beautiful girl game of the 2000s, and the story development that shakes emotions is also a feature of this work.

This work was released for iOS/Android on February 10, 2022. On February 14, it exceeded 1 million downloads, and it has been operating steadily for half a year since its release. The Steam version announced this time is for Japan. It is also possible to link data with the smartphone version. The same content as a smartphone will be able to play on a PC. In the Steam version, it supports 4K resolution as an additional factor. In addition to setting resolution and graphics, it also supports keyboard operations, such as the Fure of talking to the character on the field. It is not possible to play on a PC, but it can be played on a more beautiful and larger screen with a modification for PCs.

The Heaven Burns Red PC (Steam) version will be released for domestic. The release date will be released soon. In addition, this work is currently being distributed for free for iOS/Android.