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Destiny 2 LightFall – release date, rumors, changes in subclasses and much more

Since the exit of the witch queen complement, the Destiny 2 fans were impatiently awaiting news about the upcoming LightFall addition. On a temporary scale, LightFall is standing after the queen of the witches and in front of The Final Shape, which has not yet been released. Here’s what we know about the upcoming expansion of Destiny 2: LightFall.

Destiny 2 LightFall output date

Although initially LightFall was planned to be released in 2022, delays associated with the expansion of Witch Queen most likely influenced the date of exit LightFall. Although the release date shown in the Bungie trailer The Future of Destiny 2-Past Is Prologue is 2022, The actual release will probably occur in 2023. .

Despite this annoying delay, the cause of the transfer is understandable. Bungie claims that the delay was announced in order to provide a more perfect product that the company can really be proud of. This delay also gave the developers more time to finely configure the functions of the basic game, such as crossples and transmogrification.

Changes in the subclass Destiny 2 LightFall

From the moment of release of changes in the subclasses of VOID 3.0 and Solar 3.0, we can probably expect to receive subclass ARC 3.0 before the exit LightFall . Some fans even suggest that there is a new subclass in the development. One of these predictions is incredibly thought out, and although it was published on Reddit two years ago, this theory may seem true.

The theory explores the by-product of the hive magic, calling the subclass Fire of the Soul. Redditor LettucedIfferent5104 describes Soulfire as a tangible murder product… but moreover, this is a tangible by-line product Sword Logic.


According to this Destiny 2 fan, Soulfire is a transmutation through damage, degradation and revival, which is owned by the hive, although, according to the text of the aroma on the armor of the exotic warlock Necrotic Grip, it can be reproduced. Despite these brilliant ideas, nothing was confirmed from Bungie .

rumors about the history of Destiny 2 LightFall

The only official information that we have about the history of the Lightfoll is a KAT scene that played at the end of the student’s oath, and the quote of the exos-namuzer during the trailer The future of Destiny 2 is the past is a prologue. The Rayda video teases with information about the witness and his army, and the icore Rey declares: Now we must face inevitable truth. The witness and his followers-they go. All of them. And when will they arrive here? To finish what they started.

This cinema ends Black Fleet explodes . It is assumed that Lightfall’s narrative is concentrated around the witness, which was shown in the final video of the Queen of the Witch. In this very Kat-scene, the fleet of the witness ships was also depicted. In Lightfall, it is likely that the guards will fight the threat of space proportions along with its onslaught of followers.

As for the PAST IS PROLOGUE trailer, released in 2020, EXO Stranger announced it during LightFall. She says: You always need to take the side. Even if this is the wrong side. Although this statement is mysterious, we can assume that it belongs to the moral dilemma Lightfall .

Since the guards are opposed to an unlucking deity, it is unclear whether our side is moral. The guards arm the darkness with the help of stasis, commit great violence against each other and interfere in the very fibers of the time. Perhaps LightFall is an addition in which we understand that our side is not moral, but focused exclusively on survival. This is not defined at the moment.

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