How to sell a demons horns in Project Slayers

Project Slayers-Roblox style game based on anime. Nubiyz demons. The game allows players to experience the life of the killer of amateur demon, withstanding the test and testing of the world. During adventures in Project Slayers, players can choose the subject of the demon horns, which you can sell if desired. Here’s how you can sell the demon horns in Project Slayers.

How to sell the demon horns in Project Slayers?

Selling Demon’s Horn

The horns of the demon can be sold NPC Tony. , who lives in the village of Ushumaru. This area is located immediately behind the Mountain of the Wallpaper, and it can be found on your map. Although Tony will not buy a demon’s horns for the veins, He will give you claws if you give him 250 demonic horns .

However, it should be noted that claws can only be used if you are a demon . If you are a fighter, you cannot equip your claws. Being a demon, the clatter equipment gives you +2 to damage from claws, as well as abilities and unique combo. This is the equivalent of the katana, which is owned by fighters.

how to get a demon horns

The murder of the demon gives you one horn of the demon . This is the most common way to obtain a demon horn. However, there are a rare chance of falling out of demonic horns from chests. The chests appear after the murder of the boss, such as Kaden and Sabito. Nevertheless, the most reliable way to farm the demon’s horns is to kill demons.

where to farm the horns of the demon

One of the best places for the farm of the demon horn is Abubu Cave , as this dungeon is filled with demons to the edges. There is also a revival point next to the entrance to the cave, so you don’t have to return from the nearest village if you die.

Forest east of the village of Kiribating is also inhabited by many demons. The nearest Renaissance point for this place will be the village of Ushumaru.

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