Summers War: Chronicle, you can also do it on a PC

Com2us unveiled the details of the Summers War: Chronicle (Chronicle), which will be released on August 16.

Chronicle adds MMORPG content to the features of the summers war, which is compressed into a team strategy through the summoner and the summary combination. First of all, the user appears as a summoner and teams up with three summons. Through this, MMORPG will also provide tactical aspects that you can taste in Summers War.

The summoner is a magical attack Orbia, supported by the La Hill Guard, which keeps the kingdom peace. It is composed of a defensive cliff and uses different active skills according to the main weapon properties.

Subsequently, more than 350 species appear, ranging from the types of Summer’s War to the original summons who first appeared in Chronicle. The summoner has different appearances and skills, depending on the five attributes of fire, water, wind, light, and darkness, and can use the skill directly through the soul link or attack with the summoner with the ultimate skill.


It also supports cross play on a PC with mobile. You can play games with desktops, laptop PCs, and tablet PCs, and play on mobile or outside.

In the PC version, you can use a large screen, mouse and keyboard manipulation, and one summoner has a related optimization work on the PC as it requires a control that seems to play party alone with three summoners. Com2us explained that 60%of all participants used PCs in the Thailand’s private test before launch.

In addition, it offers continental continents based on the worldview of the Summers, dungeons to meet, party play with colleagues, and PVP content competing with other users.