Datamainer shared what he saw in Dying Light 2

Datamainers do not sit idle, but continue to dig deeper into the bowels of their favorite entertainment. This time, the prospector under the nickname Bub showed a large location with the opera theater in Dying Light 2, as well as many models, raw blanks, NPCs and other content, hinting that the next portion of the additive will be associated with gladiator battles.

BUB found over 2000 fragments of dialogs, mentioning locations Astrid’s Office, Church and Metro Station, which may indicate a very large portion of the game additive.

Earlier, the developers from Techland have already postponed DLC output from June to September and said that the events of the first addition would not continue to continue the original plot. It is very likely that on an updated roadmap, expansion may appear from September to November.