Won and dollar exchange rate 1326.1 won The highest level for 13 years and 3 months

The US dollar’s super strong tax also shook the domestic foreign exchange market.

In the Seoul foreign exchange market on the 15th, the won-dollar exchange rate closed at 1326.1 won, 14 won higher than the previous trading day.


Based on the closing price, the won-dollar exchange rate is the highest in 13 years and three months since April 29, 2009 (1340.7 won).

As the won-dollar exchange rate soaring to the global financial crisis, investors’ anxiety is also growing.

Experts, however, diagnosed that the won is falling in that the US dollar is a super strong worldwide, and the market is different from the financial crisis in the past.

Shinhan Bank’s Baek Seok-hyun Economist said, In the past, the dollar liquidity was crunched or the stock price fell 4 ~ 5%, but the exchange rate continued to rise due to the fact that the won-dollar exchange rate increased in 1% this year. It seems to be a situation.

Moon Jung-hee, a researcher at KB Kookmin Bank, said, If you say a crisis as in the past, the market should be shaken as a whole.

Moon said, The oil and dollar exchange rate in the foreign exchange market is parity level, and the value of the Japanese yen is close to 140 yen compared to the US dollar, he said. It was incident.