Red dead redemption 2

Red Dead Online: players make a funeral to fire the abandoned multiplayer mode

It was July 7 that Rockstar Games decided to talk about the future of the online mode of Red Redemption 2. Although it did not surprise anyone, the developers said they had decided to focus more on the development of Grand Theft Auto 6, and that is why there would be no more important updates for the title of the distant west. As a result, The community of Red Dead 2 was stripped, and therefore the players decided, through a somewhat special ceremony , pay tribute to the title of the firm starring Arthur Morgan.

Red Dead Online, a potential wasted by Rockstar

While everything seemed to be on the right track thanks to #Savereddeadonline, unfortunately it has not been enough. In fact, as we said, there will be no important updates of Red Dead online content, although seasonal events will be maintained. As a reminder, The latest important Red Dead Online update was on July 13, 2021 with the incorporation of Blood Money, which has more than a year.

As a result, several players wanted to meet and, therefore, pay tribute to the game in different ways. In social networks, the latter have organized some instructions, including going to one of the cemeteries of the game, specifically that of Black Water, or going directly to the city of Valentine and drinking some beers there.

As you can see in these different tweets, each one did this in his manner, either alone or in a group of friends. Some wanted to join as we told you in the Black Water cemetery, while others simply made a series of pyrotechnics in honor of Red Dead Online (which was very successful).


Anyway, Today, the eyes are set in GTA 6, since now it occupies the developers of Rockstar Games all the time , and as for a next Red Dead Redemption game, nothing is less safe Until several years unfortunately. However, with regard to GTA online, the latter will soon house an important update, and without a doubt one of the last. Of course, we will keep you informed of future developments of the American company that lately does not seem to be fully successful.