Red dead redemption 2

In the Red Dead Online game, a funeral will be held to remember the work. After planning, the sad news of the end of the large -scale Apde

On July 13, players gathered in the game graveyards and churches on July 13 at Red Dead Online developed and operated by Rockstar Games. It is said that a funeral event was held to remember the game in the fans. Although the end of the major update has been announced, it was just before the funeral was planned. IGN etc. reported.

Red Dead Online (RDO) is an online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2, an action game set in the world of American western drama. This work has long been listed as a user’s dissatisfaction with the small number of additional elements. From the release in 2019 to the latest update in July 2021, Blood Dyeing Gold, the addition of new missions will be added four times in three years.

On the other hand, the Grand THEFT AUTO Online (GTA Online), also developed and operated by Rockstar Games, has an ambitious update, such as the addition of criminal carriers and contact missions. A large-scale update of RDO is a significant difference in both the frequency and additional elements compared to the Nine-year-old GTA Online. On the other hand, RDO fans have been appealing to add content with the hashtag’s #savereddeadonline (saving RDO) (related articles).


However, the player’s thoughts did not reach, and the update schedule was not announced in July 2022, one year after the latest update. It seems that some players have already been abandoned by Rockstar Games. So the community hub Red Dead News proposed a community-led funeral event. On July 13, one year after the last major update, we gathered in churches and graveyards in the map in full dress. We called on the players to post the screenshot taken to SNS in the tag of #REDDEADFUNERAL (the funeral of RDO). Based on the time difference between the players, the event is set on July 13 without defining time. It will be an effort to enjoy this work with the community, despite the irony of Rockstar Games.

However, an event that boosts the funeral immediately after this. Only two days after the funeral event proposal, Rockstar Games published an announcement on RDO on the official blog. We thank the players who have supported this work, and publish future updates such as adding telegram quests. At the same time, it will be announced that large-scale content with theme will not be performed in the future. Strangely, before the funeral, it was declared to end the major update of this work. The funeral, which was planned as an irony event, suddenly became a sad reality.

On July 13, a player wearing black costumes gathered in the game. He dedicated to the games that ended in their own way, gathering in the church or drinking in front of the grave al1. These are posted on the hashtag #Reddeadfuneral, and you can see that many players participated in the funeral event. Roger Clark, who served as the main character Arthur Morgan Motion actor in Red Dead Redemption 2, responded to this excitement. He spoke of his condolences and tweeted, The community (RDO player) is immortal.

The announcement of the Rockstar Games mentioned above will end the large-scale update, and RDO will continue to play. Updates based on existing content, such as holding events with increasing quest rewards and adding costumes, are continuing.

In addition, it seems that community-sponsored events such as this funeral event are continuing, focusing on strong fans. There is no doubt that it is an attractive work for the player so that it continues to play without new additional elements. Players who gathered in the game one anniversary will surely overcome this sadness.