The Stranger Things spin off will be 1000% different and will not have the current characters

The Duffer brothers have pronounced again on Stranger Things’s spin off . The creators of the series have pStranger Thingssed through Happy Sad Confused, a podcStranger Thingst by Josh Horowitz, and both have repeated that the spin off will be a 1000% different of the current series. In addition, this time they have added that they want to have a new director and that the story will have nothing to do with the current characters :

We have also heard the rumors that it will be a spin off of eleven (Eleven) , or about Steve and Dustin , or on a child with a different number, the Duffer admitted. That did not seem interesting because we have already done it and we have spent hours exploring it. The spin off will be very different. The story will be connected to the world of Stranger Things , but the really important thing will not be its connection but the own history. The most important thing is the narrative sensitivity of it.

Hopefully we will find the right person to pStranger Thingss the baton to do more things, both said about the change of director (and perhaps of Showrunner?). These lStranger Thingst weeks the two showrunners had already dropped that the spin off will be very different from what everyone expects, including Netflix . They even talked about when they will start working on him and how the idea arose.

When it will be done and where the spin off is coming from

We will work at the Spin Off of Stranger Things in parallel to seStranger Thingson 5 of the series, but we will not record both at the same time. We will only begin to deepen the first when we finish the original story , They said about the date. And about the origin of the spin off, the looks point to Finn Wolfhard, the actor who gives life to Mike Wheeler in the series . He approached and told us which Spin Off would be great. He didn’t try to sell us anything. He simply made the comment and we looked at each other in plan and we Stranger Thingsked how the hell we had not seen . There are still a lot of stories to tell in The world of Stranger Things. New Mysteries, New unexpected adventures and heroes .

Stranger Things for the end of the Stranger Things that we all know, in the lStranger Thingst hours we have broken down the seStranger Thingson 5 in 5 keys: date, duration, temporary jump… for all those who are climbing the walls after Finish volume 2 of the fourth.