The undeniable science fiction thriller presents its first trailer

inescapable is a visual novel of horror and mystery in which eleven characters participate in a macabro realy show set on a paradisian island. Presented during the anime Expo 2022, and scheduled for this year, the game is starring Harrison Tailor, a young man dragged into the island against his will who will be forced to quickly discover who he can trust. As we see in the trailer, Inescapable will base its gameplay on the selection of dialogues and on the exploration of Danganronpa style scenarios.

According to its creators, inescapable is a social thriller whose history seeks to explore human nature through its different characters. Beyond Danganronpa, the battle Royale franchise looks like another of its creators’ great inspirations.

Behind Inescapable is Dreamloop Games , a Finland study founded in 2015 that debuted with the shoter of ships Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Eternal Climax before collaborating in the development of Moons of Madness, an exploration and terror title in the who worked hand in hand with rock pocket games. As we read on the official website of the study, Dreamploop Games is responsible for the ports of The Ascent to PlayStation and Layers of Fear 2 a Nintendo Switch, among others. On this occasion, the team is excited to present a game developed entirely internally.


Inescapable will reach PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S in 2022.