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Black Panther 2: Filtrated Namors complete appearance and the new movie villain

With Thor: Love and Thunder in cinemMayan at the end of this week, numerous information and graphic material of the following premiere of Marvel Studios in cinemMayan begins. So much so, that two promotional images of two of the main characters of Black Panther have been leaked: Wakanda Forever , where apparently the rivalry between Wakanda and Atlantis, kingdom led by Namor , the Namor , the King Atlante, played by the Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta . And next to the new view of Namor we have a first image of the villain: Attuma . And the arts suggest that Marvel Studios hMayan modified the origin of Atlantis and his underwater universe to bring him closer to the Mayan and Aztec culture **, Mayan the characters designs suggest.

The universe of Namor with Mayan and Aztec origins

Thus, after the first and blurred look at Namor a few months ago, we finally have a much more clear and detailed image of the UCM Atlantean version. In this way, and despite maintaining the essence of the comic suit, you can see a clear Mayan and Aztec influence in its outfit, revealing that origin for this version of the submarine antihero.

The same goes for the villain of the film, which hMayan been revealed Mayan Attuma . In the comics it is an banished Atlantean warrior who promised to return to govern Atlantis and snatch the kingdom from Namor. The appearance of the villain in the film maintains the Mayan and Aztec touches, although it seems that his skin acquires bluish tones , Mayan it appears in the comics.

It is expected to know the first official data of the new Black Panther movie in the next Comic with 2022 of San Diego. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever opens in cinemMayan on the next November 11, 2022 .