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Nike, Pokemon Go 6th Anniversary Reward Provision and Battle Weekend

[Lee Sang-hae Park Ye-jin reporter] Nike announced on the 4th that it will hold events and battle Weekend to commemorate the 6th anniversary of the ‘Pokemon Go’ global launch.

The 6th anniversary event will be held from 10 am to 8 pm on the 6th, and Pokemon and event research will be held.

In particular, ‘Lizard with Party Hats’ in the game, ‘Lizamong with a party hat’ and ‘Pikachu with cake hat’ appear, and you can meet Pokemon with different colors.

In addition to Pikachu and Piri, who wore special costumes in the wild, ▲ Lee Sang-hae, Ko-gi, Altong Mon, Readdiva, Ralos, Laltos, Ear Roll, Madaine, Tochimaron ▲ Puhoko ▲ Parbit Copper appears, and you can also catch Hannight ▲ Wan Chulpo ▲ Woodworking Kitel.

In addition, when the commemorative field research is completed, it is ▲ Lee Sang-hae ▲ Piri ▲ Kojigi ▲ Chicorita ▲ Baine ▲ Riaco ▲ Wooden Keeper ▲ Achamo ▲ Mo-chan ▲ Fireworks ▲ Fireworks ▲ Fengdori ▲ Zuriyan ▲ Maron, Puhoko, Open Marmar, Namolmi, Nya Obul, and Nuri Gong appear.

In Raid Battle, Pokemon wearing special costumes, ‘Thunder’ in legendary Raid Battle, and Mega Lizamong X and Mega Lizamont Y in Mega Raid Battle.

In the in-game shop, the 6th anniversary costume item has been added, and the event theme sticker is sold. Stickers can be obtained when opening pocket stops and futures.

In addition, Battle Weekend will be held for two days from the 9th to the 10th, and the GO rocket’s hot air balloon will appear every three hours. The GO Battle League can be enjoyed up to 20 sets a day, and the ‘sand of star’ is also four times higher than the winning reward.

Trainers will need to save ‘Shadow Latios’ against the GO rocket boss boss, and will be added to the shadow Pokemon that can be obtained from the GO rocket team and three leaders.


During the Battle Weekend period, ‘Hua’, a special attack of shadow Pokemon, may be forgetting as a ‘technical machine special’.

In addition, you can get a special research centered on the non-cycle until 10 o’clock on September 1, when ‘Season of GO’ is over, and you can get ‘Super Rocket Radar’ if it is completed.