This year, the cheapest of the new products, GTX 1630,

The graphics card crisis that started last year and lasted until the second quarter of this year. Numerous gamers around the world have suffered because of the price of graphics cards that don’t know the end. In particular, the used graphics card market was active in the past, but due to the damage to the product due to the damage of the cryptocurrency mining, the new unopened product was preferred, and the GTX 10 series and the RTX 20 series could be enough for gamers who enjoyed the game. I did it.

In line with the demands of these consumers, NVIDIA launched the ‘GeForce GTX 1630’, which has the lowest specifications of the graphics cards released in 2022. This is a lineup that has already been released several times, and the GTX 16 series, which was released about two years and two months after the latest GeForce GTX 1650 GDDR6, is a true low-cost graphics card.

Like the GTX 16 series, it has a 12nm Turing TU117-150 architecture with Kuda Core.

However, the GTX 1650 has 896 Kuda Core, while the GTX 1630 has 512 Kuda cores. In addition, the memory bus was 64-bit, and the bandwidth was 96GB/s, and it would be slower than the GTX 1050TI released in 2016, which is certainly through overseas benchmarks.

Currently, according to overseas official sites and information, at least $ 149, expensive brands are waiting for $ 199, and domestic launch prices are expected to be around 200,000 won to early 300,000 won. Although there is an opinion that the price is somewhat higher than the performance, it is expected that if you are worried about purchasing a low-end graphics card, it may not be possible..