[STEAM Summer Sale] Survive the harsh world! GS Recommended Survival Game 10 titles

From 2:00 am on June 24 to 2:00 am on July 8, Steam Summer Sale 2022 is being held at the PC Game Distribution Platform Steam. For those who have accumulated interest games in their wish list, and those who have recently started a new PC game, have a great chance. From topical works that everyone knows to maniac works, if you buy games, is now .

In this article, we pick up recommended titles from many sales games. Introducing Steam Summer Sale Recommended Survival Game 10 Selections by GAME*Spark writer!

Valheim (early access)

Survival action with the motif of Scandinavian mythology and buffet culture. There are various areas such as forests, swamps, and the sea in the vast world where automatically generated, and powerful monsters and bosses are waiting. This work, which has a significant range of activities by defeating the boss after a certain procedure, is outstanding not only in battles but also in architecture and cooking elements. It is a work that can be enjoyed slowly in solo and enjoyed with friends.

Currently, STEAM is in early access, and a large update with new areas appears. It is also recommended to explore the world now!

Core Keeper (early access)

A survival action adventure that adventures in the underground world that has been lost by a mysterious device. Explore, mined, and combat in the basement to collect resources, and to power up the core that holds all the mysteries while creating your own base. It is recommended for players who want to create their own world because they can easily change the terrain, such as digging walls, filling the ground, and drawing rivers, as well as the fun of survival. It also supports up to eight multiplayer.

It also supports Japanese in the large update Sinking Sea in June 2022. The explanation of the items is easier to understand, making it easier to play.


A survival adventure set on an extremely cold earth that was distressed in an airplane accident. The biggest attraction is a gameplay that thinks how to face too harsh nature. In particular, measures against cold are essential, and it is easy to die if you do not get warm when you sleep, as well as searching and collecting materials. In addition, be careful of wildlife such as wolf and bears that spread territory in land where people are gone.

The game has an episode system Story (up to EP4), a free sandbox, and a challenge that aims to achieve the goal under various conditions, so you can enjoy various ways of playing.


SCUM (early access)

A survival action that aims to survive by becoming a participant on the fictitious TV program SCUM. On the stage, you must be alert not only to wandering zombies and surveillance robots, but also for other malicious players. It is characterized by a very realistic system such as health, and you can see the current body temperature, blood volume, and the action penalty due to status. You must also consider the nutrients obtained from food.

Although there are many elements to manage, it is a work that is packed with the fun of survival, such as exploration of towns and crafts. Not only multiplayer but also single play is possible. However, please note that the operation behavior will change significantly in the PC environment.

Mediewal Dynasty

A work that combines survival and simulation in Europe early in the Middle Ages. We aim to create a big dynasty from a house built by the protagonist who fled the war. Create a village, solicit residents, give people work and enrich the village little by little. Of course, it is an important hero’s job to manage food and supplies for residents.

In the early stages, the goods are scarce, and we can do our best to secure supplies obtained by collection and hunting in Noyama. Anyway, a tough life continues. However, as you get used to the game, you can realize that your life will gradually progress.

ICARUS Survival Icharus

Survival action that can participate up to 8 people. Players will challenge various tasks on the planets that have once made mistakes and have become a harsh environment. There are types of missions such as exploration, extermination of monsters, and base architecture, and you must achieve your goals within the time limit and escape the planet. However, players need to collect supplies and craft because they start naked in the early days.

This work is very hard to travel on too harsh planets while securing supplies and oxygen. Although it may be a little choice of people depending on the specifications such as missions, it is a work that incorporates an unusual system in the survival of achieving goals and returning home.

PROJECT ZOMBOID (early access)

Quarter view survival simulation set in a city full of zombies. At the start of the game, as indicated, This is the story of how you die , it is an ultimate survival work that aims to survive in a depleted resource. increase. You can not only collect supplies and fight zombies in search of houses and facilities, but also drove them in architecture and cultivation, and sometimes by car.

At this time, in addition to solo and multiplayer sandbox mode, there is also a challenge mode to make efforts to die in a limited situation.

BAROTRAUMA (early access)

2D survival horror set in the sea of Jupiter, Europa. Players become the captain and crew of the submarine, and do their missions such as delivery and mining. During the voyage, it is important that each crew responds with appropriate judgment, as problems such as raids and flooding occur. Many modes are provided, such as Mission Mode, which performs missions while escaping from the approaching radioactivity and aiming for the end of the sea.

Solo play with CPU is also fun, but the real pleasure of this work is multiplayer with other players. In multiplayer, you can also play the mode where traitor appears on the ship, so you can enjoy a different tension.

Outward Definitive Edition

A survival RPG that lives as an adventurer in the fantasy world. The protagonist is a ordinary person who is forced to repay debt at the beginning of the game, and does not have special power. Such a hero will create his own story while adventure in the world, and sometimes confronts quests and powerful enemies. There are plenty of survival elements, such as hunger and thirst management and various craft menus.

In Definitive Edition, the main part and two DLC are set. It also supports multiplayer and can travel around the world together.

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis

A survival strategy that becomes a civilian left in a fortress besieged by the enemy army and provides backward support for the war. In the afternoon, we deliver the necessary supplies to soldiers while producing goods and food in the wild area, and in the evening they sneak into the enemy team and collect supplies while hiding from the enemy soldiers. It is important not only to maintain the morale of soldiers while managing and supporting appropriate resources, but also to upgrade the facilities and manage their physical condition.

In the game, various troubles and events such as enemy military attacks occur, and your own team will definitely exhaust. Until the day when rescue comes, can we protect the fortress with support?

So far, we have introduced 10 survival genres that you can enjoy carefully. Various types of works, such as highly action, friends, and things that can be enjoyed, can be purchased at a great price. In addition, the titles such as ARK: Survival Evolved, Rust, and 7 Days To Die, which are not picked up this time, are also on sale.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 is being held until 2:00 am on July 8. There are countless games for sale, so please check out other referral articles.