Really great teacher! -In ben

Since 2020, there is a mobile game that plays without a day. It is the Tower Defense RPG ‘Myeongil Ark’ developed by China Hypergrif.

Since there are no single content that competes with other users, it is a characteristic of this game because it can be enjoyed with a light heart at any time. To use all the behavior that automatically accumulates, and completing all the daily missions that are renewed every day have become one of the days that are naturally repeated.

It’s a game that plays every day, but it’s been quite a bit of no billing. At any time, even if it is 5,900 won a month, it is not even payment of ‘Monley Card’, which is a price-effective product that can be maintained. This is because there is no shortage of completing events every season without billing, and most of all, there is no competitive element. Even I play the game every day, so the situation of other users is obvious. Myung-il-gu in Korea has become a forgotten game that is only a person who does, and Google Play’s game sales rankings have been pushed out of the top 100.

In the meantime, the news of ‘Myeongil Ark Korean Dubbing’ was delivered. It was the first information released at the 2nd anniversary event held in January, and I thought it would be a hurricane that could be released someday by assorting one of the markets, one of the markets. Until the news that the Korean dubbing will be added in June in less than half a year from the presentation.


The voice actor lineup is also competing. Yang Jung-hwa, Nam Do-hyung, Lee Ji-hyun, Jung Yoo-jeong, Kim Bo-min, and Pyo Young-jae participated in a large number of professional voice actors. Any user who has played the Myeongil ark has been able to know that China’s mobile game developer sincerely thought of the Korean market and prepared for it.

In the meantime, the subculture game has been sufficient to have enough Japanese dubbing, called the Latin of the virtues, and soothes, but the news that Korean dubbing is also added was a good news that Korean gamers cannot hide their joy. The news that Korean dubbing will be added to the AAA-class game ‘Forza Horizon 5’, which has been released for less than a year, has led to a surprise reaction of gamers. Who thought?

The same experience that Chinese game companies showed will remain deeply in the future. Hyper Griff is currently preparing for both TV animations using Myeong-il’s sequel and Myeongil Ark IP. The game, which is maintained by the love of users, and the game company, are unfortunately showing the reinvestment of the reinvestors.

Whenever these cases are accumulated one by one, gamers may feel that they are being treated enough from the developer, and they will be convinced and believed that they can believe and enjoy the game for a long time. At least through this work, I became a fan who could play and play unconditionally if it was Hyper Griff’s game.