DEAD BY Daylight has been significantly changed with a large update. Parks with high usage rate are adjusted all over the place, and the environment is inevitable

BEHAVIOR INTERACTIVE announced on June 23 about the rework of the training system that was announced in the 6th anniversary distribution of Dead by Daylight and the details of the large balance adjustment of the park. In this adjustment, not only the adjustment of the park, but also the basic performance of the survivor and killer also includes adjustments, and the game balance seems to be greatly changed. It was announced that these adjustments would be implemented in the next inter-chapter update.

The update is scheduled to adjust the training elements by renovation of Prestige and Schline of Secret. Adding bonuses for lack of roles when matching. And the balance adjustment of the basic part of the game and the large balance adjustment of the park.

Change basic specifications

Regarding the adjustment of the training elements, the contents are aimed at shortening the time required for park collection. In the past, raising the prestige level was not essential for training, but in the new specifications, the prestige level can be automatically used by all characters. Furthermore, what you have acquired, such as parks, items, add-ons, and offering, have not been lost, and it has become a specification that can naturally prestige while nurturing. In addition, by proceeding with prestiges as before, not only can you acquire bloody skins, but also add magical parks for each character. On the result screen after the match, the prestige level is also changed so that it is displayed.

The matchmaking bonus is that if you play a lack of a shortage, BP will be bonus. The amount of bonuses fluctuates depending on the ratio of the lack of roles, increasing the minimum to a maximum of 100%. If there is a shortage of survivors, you can receive bonuses even if you play at a party, albeit with conditions. In the average rating of survivors who have a party, bonuses occur only when the survivors are deficient. The matchmaking bonus is disabled if the crossplay is turned off.

Regarding the balance adjustment of the basic part of the game, there are a wide variety of games. For example, the time required to complete the repair of the generator is changed from 80 seconds to 90 seconds. If the murderer destroys the generator, a specification will be added to the progress of 2.5%immediately. Although the effect is quite modest, the murderer has acquired the same effect as the highly adopted park, Itachi jumped out. In addition, the murderer side has reduced the time to destroy objects such as generators, pallets, and walls by 10%. In addition, the cool time generated when the murderer’s normal attack hits is reduced by 10%, reducing the increase in moving speed of survivors by 10%. The speed to accumulate blood crime is also changed, and the time to increase after level 2 is also reduced.

Survivors will be able to get a patience status effect for 5 seconds when rescued from hooks. This is a major change in seconds, which is shorter than the given grace, a highly adopted park. In addition, the rescued survivors are also given a 7%quick status effect for 5 seconds. Both status effects are disabled by taking specific active actions, but the major changes can be obtained by survivors as basic performance regardless of the park.

These changes are made on the premise of significant adjustments of the park. He explained that the adjustment of the training elements had to be released simultaneously to make it easier to get the park at the time when the park was adjusted. Regarding the adjustment of the park, both survivors and murderers are specifically presented, and 39 parks will be adjusted. In particular, for some parks, the expression called strong parks is used, and a detailed explanation of the reasons for the high recruitment rate and the intentions of the adjustment contents are explained in detail.


Significant leverage of strong parks

In the murderer of the murderer, the barbecue & chili has the effect of visualizing the aura of the survivor, but the effect of the BP is removed from the effect itself. In addition to being a powerful park, adjustments have been made to make it easier to grow. Magic: Destruction will decrease the automatic retreat rate of the generator by up to 100%, and will be disabled when any survivor dies. In addition to half the effect, it has been a change that will not be able to benefit in the middle of the match.

Itachi has popped out has a maximum amount of repair progress, which changes from 25%of the total to 20%of the current repair progress. This is the cost of the murderer as a basic ability, which has a retreat of the progress by destruction of the generator. Calling intervention is a condition in which the effect itself is deferred, and the effect ends when any survivor is dying. It can be said that the strong effect is not changed, and it is a change that is considered not to be too one-sided in a one-sided match from the start. It has been changed so that only once per generator of Garakuta Temple is activated once, and it can no longer be used as frequently as before.

Magic: No one can escape from death adds the effect of seeing the aura of the curse totem to survivors within 4 m from the cursed totem after activation. This effect is a specification that expands the range of the aura up to 24m over time, and has been adjusted so that the survivors can play without giving up to the end. The in agony hook: the pain of resonance is changed to the effect of sparking the explosion of the generator, and the effect of the survivor who has been repaired is deleted. The interference effect on the generator was easier than before.

Things called the murderer’s strong park are generally revised downwards. However, there are parks where the effect itself is deferred, such as barbecue & chili, and some parks will continue to be adopted in the future. In addition to the parks that were not touched here, overcharge, Iraption, knockout, clown phobia, Dark religion, Evil, Tracker who calls death, In agony hook Adjustment of parks, such as gifts, death phobia, and variant altars, have been announced.

In the survivor’s strong park, the specifications are significantly changed from the effect of dead hard dashing forward to the effect of obtaining patience status for one second. The use of the park, which was used not only to avoid attacks but also to gain a distance, is a limited adjustment than before. One blow of death has reduced the time to scare the murderer when the effect is activated. Furthermore, when the escape gate was energized, the park was changed so that the park would be disabled. In addition to the amount of effect, the opportunity to use more than ever before was adjusted.

Given grace is completely renewed in the content that the rescued survivors have obtained patience status as basic abilities, and extends the effect of patience status up to 10 seconds. At the same time, the quick status given when rescued is also extended up to 10 seconds. By adjusting the survivors itself, it has been reborn as a park that enhances basic abilities.

Steel’s will has changed to a maximum of 75%of the effect of lunar voice. In addition, specifications that do not activate the effect are added when tired. It can be said that the presuminated secrets can no longer be expected. Self care has a maximum of 35%of self-treatment. The effect of increasing the use efficiency of recovery items has also been removed, and the effect is purely reduced. Frozen spine is changed to a specification that is activated only when you are directly visible from the murderer. Once activated instead, the effect will be maintained for 0.5 seconds. In addition, the speed increase effect is changed so that it is applied to the blessing of the Totem, and the overcoming speed increase effect is deleted. It can no longer be used as a search enemy over the wall, and a detailed specification has been changed.

The one called the survivors’ strong parks is also revised downwards overall. Compared to the murderer’s park, the impression is that the change that can no longer be used in the past is noticeable. Other than that, the peace of the soul, Sabotage, Knowledge of Botanics, Off-Recording, The Great Injury, Demand Studies, Only Survivors, Disted, Dejav Adjustments in many parks such as not to do so, such as darkness, obsession, hope, excessive enthusiasm, and all together are announced.

This work is celebrating its sixth anniversary since its release and has reached the highest in the past. This update will be modified to the fundamental part to meet the request of players more than ever. The full text can be checked from this development team update. In this balance change, it is expected that adjustments will be made for a wide variety, and the game balance is expected to change significantly. Please note that the changes introduced this time are under development, and may be changed before and after PTB and before and after this implementation.

These adjustments will be implemented in the next chapter update. In the Steam version, you can test play with the public test build (PTB) scheduled to open next week.