Van Richtens overview on Ravenloft offered

This new book intended for Dungeons & Dragons, written by Rudolph Van Richten, the scholar in beasts. He assembled all his understanding, his correspondence as well as his investigations in this book, exposing apparently facts and also knowledge, which scared the most skilled traveler.

With this guide, D&D fans will be able to study the dark mists of Ravenloft with a whole brand-new series of opportunities for the game master and also its gamers:

It’s also a superb portal to new gamers who would love to discover a horror and also terror-oriented adventure.

  • Custom-made creation guidelines for the locations of dark Lords ruling in the area.
  • Unpublished background, as well as trinkets, totally in the theme of the book: terrible, in addition to new lines of characters like the Dhampire, Fielsang as well as Risenity.

  • New subclasses: The College of Moods for Bards, as well as the Living Dead Pact for Occultists.
  • Explore the dark present, who can provide uniformity in the function of the characters
  • New beasts in the fable
  • An extraordinary experience

On the website ( right here ) you can download and install a spiritualism board and thematic personalities sheets in PDF!


Good remain in the dark moors of Ravenloft!