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Support AVX-512 gives 30% performance in the PlayStation 3 emulator

The developers of the PlayStation 3 RPCS3 cross-platform emulator reported that the new version of their software can use the AVX-512 instructions to increase performance by 30%.

If the AVX-512 instructions do not bring any benefit for the PC-IGR, then, as it turned out, they are extremely useful for emulating PlayStation 3. About how hardware support of these instructions by your processor increases the performance of RPCS3, said Whatcookie, one of the emulator developers, on the blog. You can find full post here.


Modern processors are capable of working with RPCS3 at high framework, and therefore for the flagship stones this update may not be very useful, but the weaker solutions that have hardware support AVX-512 can get a fairly significant increase in performance. In addition, the upcoming AMD Ryzen 7000 processors will also receive support for these instructions for working with AI, but, apparently, this time they will be useful for other purposes. It is worth noting that the stones of the 12th generation also have support for AVX-512, but it is not for everyone, but you can determine the presence by serial number on the capacity of the heat distributor.