Summers War: Chronicle, IP fandom and blockchain market

Com2us’ new work, Summers War: Chronicle, is expected to be released in July. ‘Chronicle’ is a masterpiece MMORPG that Com2us has been quenched for a long time, and is expected to open a horizon of global K-MMORPG based on the IP power of the world’s hit ‘Summers War’.

The biggest strength of Chronicle is that it inherits the IP (Intellectual Property Rights) of Summers War: The Arena (Summers War), which has surpassed 140 million downloads worldwide. ‘Summers War’ is a global classic that has recorded the top 10 in 90 countries and TOP10 in 90 countries since its launch in 2014. For the first time in Korea’s mobile game, it achieved sales of KRW 1 trillion, and in April, we set a new record of 8 billion won in global sales. I am working.

‘Chronicle’ is ‘Hybrid MMORPG’, which adds ‘strategy’ through the combination of ‘collectors’ that collect the summons, the core content of the original IP ‘Summers War’. It was developed in the direction of providing differentiated fun with the new genre characteristics of MMORPG while utilizing the charm of the original IP. There are more than 350 kinds of summons, and they collect them, and they can strategically combine the summons of various elements such as compatibility and attributes according to the contents purposes such as hunting and PVP.


Com2us successfully launched Chronicle in Korea, and will showcase the world as a P2O (Play to Own) game based on the C2X ecosystem in the second half of this year. The company plans to target the global market by applying the P2O system, which users will own the results obtained by gameplay.

In addition to the rich content of large MMORPG, which has verified the ‘fun’, the essence of the game through domestic services, it will be equipped with a protocol economy-based blockchain system, and will be able to enter the global P2O market with Asia-Western. The P2O game’s potential potential, which contains the philosophy of the Web 3, called Defectionization and Fair Distribution, was proved in the case of the Summers War: Hundred Years War, which first joined C2X in April. The Hundred Years War proved that the number of daily users has grown to 400% since joining the C2X, adding that the P2O system adds fun and motivates the game.

Meanwhile, Chronicle has been holding a pre-booking event since May ahead of domestic launch in July, and can also participate in the app market such as Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and One Store.