Elden Ring latest Apde has a lot of bug corrections. While the annoying bugs are cured, it is also convenient, such as taking over the Suzumatama circumference.

From Software launched a new update patch Ver.1.05 on June 13 and released a patch notebook. In addition to modified many problems, there are also elements that improve the ease of play.

First, it was possible to take over the transaction expansion by Suzudama with the NPC Twin Old Woman. As a result, it was possible to enter the next lap without worrying about securing items. In addition, it seems that the emphasis display of the enhanced Holy Grail bottle has been implemented, making it easier to understand the timing of enhancement.

And there are many bugs, focusing on tactics. In particular, the problem of damaging allies in the tactics Cutting was reported in cases where it was abused. In addition, the bug that increases the number of attack power of the war higher than expected has been revised. In addition, we have made great improvements, such as improving the performance of the game and the improvement of multiplayer stability.

Return to the desktop has been added to the end of the game as a correction point for the PC version only. In this PC version, the game could not be terminated from the game unless you returned to the title screen. In addition, there are trivial and nifty changes.

The contents of this update are as follows.

Additional element

  • Changes so that the transaction with the NPC twin old woman is expanded in the following Suzudama items, so that they can be taken over to the lapping play.

Suzudama of bone selling/Suzudama of meat selling/Suzudama of drug selling/Suzudama of gravity selling/Suzudama of excavation of excavation/mourning color dug/Suzumatama of linen/Suzumatama of Suzumatama/Susumu score Suzudama

  • Added the choice of the holy grail bottle that can be strengthened in the blessing menu and the emphasis on some other options
  • Added sound effects when other players summon signs appear

Fixed a problem

  • Fixed a defect that can change equipment from the equipment menu during the use of tactics under specific situations
  • Fixed a problem that is effective in non-targeted weapons in the Walkai tactics
  • Fixed a defect longer than expected that some actions of the tactics barbaric roar, walkrai and troll roar
  • Fixed a problem in a specific weapon that the effect of the tactics Detamination and Royal Knight’s determination may not be exposed
  • Fixed a bug that some of the attacks of the Ice Spear are not guarded
  • Fixed a bug that the attack power of some warfare decreases when using the tactics I swear to the Golden Tree
  • Fixed a problem that the light waves of the tactics Moonlight Sword may not be locked on
  • Fixed a problem that damages your allies when using the tactics Cutting under a specific situation
  • Fixed a problem with some attack motion that increased the attack power of the tactics abdominal higher than expected
  • Fixed a defect that gives an abnormal condition effect when using the tactics Hora Lou’s Shake
  • Fixed a problem that the rotation of the dark wave does not hit the enemy
  • In magic and prayer, modification of defects in which unintended motion is regenerated by switching to different magic and prayer during use

* Magical Lava bullet and lava lava are used when riding when riding.
* Fixed a defect that the nail Talisman is not given when jumping with the weapon Star Breaking Sword in both hands
* Fixed a problem with the power of both hands, except for the jump attack of the weapon Golem’s Ax Spear
* Magical or items are applied to the right hand weapon with magic or items, and if you use the weapon Dan of the Pick with your left hand, you can also apply the effect on pulley dreads.
* Fixed a defect that emits arrows and bolts that do not match the type of long-range weapons in specific procedures
* Fixed a problem that the guard strength decreases when some weapons are strengthened to maximum
* Fixed a defect that the war ash could not be changed properly when the inventory reached the upper limit of possession
* Fixed a bug in which the boss Malennia, the goddess of corruption is reduced in a specific situation
* Fixed a problem that allows you to attack enemies from outside the fog in a specific area
* Fixed a problem that the same boss may not appear in his own world when defeating the area boss of other world as a collaborator in online multiplayer
* Fixed a problem that the battle with the boss Great Snake of God will not progress in a specific situation
* Fixed a problem that enemy vs NPCs from appearing under specific situations
* Fixed a problem that the event of NPC Alexander does not progress under certain circumstances
* Fixed a problem that the item Holy Grail Bot would not recover when destroying an enemy group under a specific situation
* Fixed a bug that would not be able to move from a map to blessing after destroying the boss Radan of Star crushing under certain circumstances
* If you cannot move from a map to the blessing, you can move to the blessing by touching the blessing Radan of Stars.
* Fixed a defect that the blessing that has been discovered under certain circumstances is not registered on the map
* Fixed a problem that could not be touched even if some blessings approach under certain circumstances
* Fixed a problem that hostile guests can enter the boss area under certain circumstances
* Fixed a problem that the death from behind may not hit in the hostile multiplayer
* Fixed a problem that the performance decreases when equipped with a weapon Semi-pandemi under a specific situation
* Improve online multiplayer stability between PS4 and PS5
* Xbox Series X | Improve the load time of the S version
* Master volume setting corrections of defects that are not reflected in some cut scenes
* Improve online multiplayer stability
* Fixed a problem in which a sound that different from expected in some situations is played
* Fixed a problem that could be operated in a specific place and may die
* Fixed a defect that is different from the assumption that the drawing and hitting judgment are drawn on some maps
* Fix defects that can reach places that are not assumed in certain procedures on some maps
* Correction of some text
* Improvement of some other performances and revision of malfunctions

Added / modified for the PC version

  • Added keyboard / mouse operation to accept input in Pres any button on the title screen
  • Add Return to Desktop to items that end the game from the main menu system
  • Change so that the mouse click input is not reflected when switching the window to actively
  • Fixed a problem that the performance decreases when changing screen mode and screen resolution in a specific procedure

In Elden Ring, hidden changes that are not specified in the patch notebook for each update are attracting users (related articles). You may want to investigate the changes in the space in the patch distribution.

Elden Ring Patch Ver.1.05 is currently being distributed.