The Quarry: All trophies and successes in the horror game

In our Trophy guidelines for The Quarry you can find out:

  • How many trophies The Quarry offers
  • What you have to do to get all the successes

_ Caution : The trophy descriptions contain some story spoilers for The Quarry._

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How many trophies are there in The Quarry?

On the PS4 and PS5 you can unlock a total of 41 trophies in The Quarry :

29x bronze *
7x silver
4x gold
* 1x platinum

On Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X you can collect 40 successes that give you a total of 1,000 points in the Gamerscore **.

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The Quarry: All bronze trophies

You get most bronze trophies automatically in the course of the story. For some successes-such as relationship crisis-you also have to make certain decisions in The Quarry .

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
Prologue Completed the prologue. Bronze 10
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 completed. Bronze 10
Chapter 2 Chapter 2 completed. Bronze 10
Chapter 3 Chapter 3 completed. Bronze 10
Chapter 4 Chapter 4 completed. Bronze 10
Chapter 5 Chapter 5 completed. Bronze 10
Chapter 6 Chapter 6 completed. Bronze 10
Chapter 7 Chapter 7 completed. Bronze 10
Chapter 8 Chapter 8 completed. Bronze 10
Chapter 9 Chapter 9 completed. Bronze 10
Chapter 10 Chapter 10 completed. Bronze 10
Epilog Witnessed the epilogue. Bronze 10
In the last second Get to Nick on the fastest way. Bronze 20

Honestly lasts the longest | Jacob said Emma the truth. | Bronze | 10
Relationship crisis | Nick killed Abi. | Bronze | 10
Would you have driven to the motel Laura and Max reunite. | Bronze | 20
About the law | Travis and Laura approved the collaboration. | Bronze | 20
Mutual destruction Laura and Travis killed each other. | Bronze | 10
Just a flesh wound | One: n friend: in front of the infection. | Bronze | 10
Bloodletting | Accepted the bite of a werewolf. | Bronze | 10
Bizarre or banal | Belongs to the podcast. | Bronze | 10
Reaction fast | 15 interruptions activated. | Bronze | 10
Breathtaking! | 5 air content events. | Bronze | 10
Full deck | All tarot cards found. | Bronze | 10
Danger recognized, danger averted | Get tarot cards. | Bronze | 10
Everything makes sense | Found a suitable note. | Bronze | 20
What is that? | First note collected. | Bronze | 10
The truth is out there First evidence collected. | Bronze | 10
Film from | A game started in the film mode. | Bronze | 20

The Quarry: All silver trophies

For the silver trophies in The Quarry you have to look around exactly in the environments and collect all information and evidence .

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
The survivor Ryan was the only one to survive. Silver 20
Family matter All hackets killed. Silver 50
Blood pact All characters infected. Silver 50
Peanut butter butter pops! Not hit next to it. Silver 20
Looking out Eliza’s help rejected. Silver 20
Detective work All information collected. Silver 50
Conspiracy theorist: in All evidence collected. Silver 50

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The Quarry: Gold and Platin-Trophies

The gold trophies require you to play through the Quarry several times **. For example, you have to complete the game with all the characters and end them again after you have killed all the characters.

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
Hard night All kept alive. Gold 100
Hackett’s Quarry massacre All killed. Gold 100
The survivor Kaitlyn was the only one. Gold 100
The white wolf Silas killed. Gold 100
What doesn’t kill you… All trophies obtained! Platinum

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