World of Warcraft

The complimentary RTS Stormgate, with Blizzard veterans, is committed to Unreal Engine 5 with a first trailer

When we think about titles such as Starcraft II or Warcraft III, it is impossible not to applaud Blizzard’s work. Currently, experts of this firm return to the load in the category RTS with Stormgate, an experience that plans to squeeze all the power of our systems with the Unreal Engine 5 .

At the moment, Frost Giant Studios does not specify a launch day, yet guarantees a beta for 2023 . This is one of the numerous ads left by the Summer Game Feast, which includes in various other shocks such as Alien: Dark Descent, Fort Solis or Witchfire, which appears with a new trailer after presenting 5 years ago.


With a base very focused on eSports, the Frost Giant Studios group looks for to explore the affordable scenic view with an experience that does not wish to put apart the specific experience . In this sense, Stormgate consists of numerous game modes as well as activities such as qualifiers, a project mode filled with objectives, an editor setting, customizable video games and more.

We are establishing Stormgate for the entire neighborhood of real-time method video games, considering: the past, the existing as well as the future, he clarifies
Tim Morten , General Supervisor and Production of Frost Giant Studios. Our vision is to create a social experience that breaks the obstacles that have actually moved individuals away, to welcome gamers who have been waiting for the next great RTS, and also to demonstrate that the style RTS can succeed once plus .