Announced the magic school construction sim Mind Over Magic. A new work of Klei sales that forms a curriculum of magician and explore dungeons with graduates

Klei Publishing announced on June 3 the magic school construction simulation Mind over Magic . The compatible platform is PC (Steam). Studio Sparkypants is based in the United States.

Mind Over Magic is a simulation game to build a magic school. Players design and build their ideal magic schools. Among them, many magicians are enclosed and encouraged to study magic. Players can design the magic school in detail. Not only can we build walls, but they can also build a magical school curriculum. The wizards will be able to study along the curriculum created by the player.

If you design a magic school, you will be able to protect them and them while teaching the whimsical new magician in your daily life. There are various things that can be done at the magic school. Learn about lost Arcana, grow foreign plants, brew potions, and revive undead and use it. The trailer shows that magic is driven into a fountain-like thing indoors, and it is summoned in a tentacle-like manner. It will develop magician through a variety of curriculum. A multitasking that manages classes in parallel in each room may also be required.


The purpose of the magic school is not just to raise students. The magician who studied studying graduates safely at the magic school. And players can send graduates who have become graduates into the battle. At the destination, explore the deep underground dungeon. They can fight with dangerous creatures and discover mythical artifacts. Raising students in a magic school and repeating dungeons will be one of the purposes of this work.

Speaking of his Klei, which publishes this work, he is a talented studio that develops and sells the DoN’T Starve series and Oxygen Not Included. The studio has sold only in-house games, but recently has begun to publish small titles in external studios. The prestigious studio seems to produce this work at the position of a sales company. Mind Over Magic has been highlighted as a new work sold by KLEI, and the trailer has already been played more than 20,000 times. It has earned more than 1800 high rating.

Mind Over Magic will be released on Steam for PCs.