Return to Monkey Island will solve one of the secrets that the series drags given that 1990

One of the timeless unknowns of the saga has to do with the cover of the very first Monkey Island , in it, 3 pirates show up accompanying the good of Guybrush Threepwood and also Elaine Marley. These 3 mystical pirates never ever appeared in the video game or in later deliveries, but that is concerning to finish.

Ron Gilbert , developer of The Secret of Monkey Island, can not fall short to amaze us and from the statement of go back to Monkey Island, presented as a joke at the April Fool’s, has actually offered us some ideas of what we can find in The preferred Return of the legendary franchise of visuals journeys.


This guarantees to be One of the numerous tricks that Gilbert will settle in the Toybox game. Although the brand-new adventures of Guybrush Threepwood will certainly reach PC throughout this year, there are currently numerous questions that his creator has actually fixed. If you wish to know even more about what guarantees to be a generational occasion for fans of graphic journeys, in 3DJUGOS we inform you what we like as well as what does not return to Monkey Island.

These three pirates will certainly appear in go back to Monkey Isand Ron Gilbert It has been Ron Gilbert himself who has shared with his Twitter account an amusing narrative in which he identifies that the existence of these 3 pirates on the cover of the title of the title Original 1990 has come to be so frustrating that has wound up choosing to include them in the brand-new video game of the saga, return to Monkey Island.