GTA Online: Bonus in Missions of Superyate and all the news from June 2 to 8, 2022

One more week, Rockstar Games presents the weekly novelties of GTA online , the popular Multiplayer mode of GTA V, with large bonuses in all kinds of missions, discounts on vehicles, rewards, gifts and much more. Thus, the Missions of Superyate with 4x of GTA $ and RP return, in addition to 2x in contact missions of Martín Madrazo and 3x in Missions of Salto Zone . But there is much more.

News and Drops de GTA Online

Thus, the users of PS5 and Xbox Series x | s will have weekly novelties exclusive the brave Banshee to try for free next to the special missions Hao’s Special Works . On the other hand, those who complete bunker, smuggler or import/export sales missions, or make partners or bodyguards, will get free thepink dolls and bright pink and yellow glweekly noveltiesses *.

This week’s podium vehicle is the imposing and desired Pegweekly noveltiessi infernus clweekly noveltiessic ; Try luck in the fortune roulette of The Diamond Cweekly noveltiesino & Resort and wins an entire eighties icon of the four wheels. In addition, the Street Race Series prize this week is the rapid and light Vapid GB200 . And do not stop trying the Peweekly noveltiessi Tezeract, Coil Cyclone and Pegweekly noveltiessi Osiris in the LS Car Meet tests.

This week’s discounts are focused on a wide selection of vehicles, with up to 50% discount:

  • Custom Glendale Benefactor: 50% discount
  • Benefactor Streiter: 50% discount

* Coil Cyclone: 30% discount
* Grotti Itali Gto: 40% discount
* Grotti Stinger GT: 40% discount
* Grotti Visione: 30% discount
* Lampadati Toro: 50% discount
* Pegweekly noveltiessi Osiris: 30% discount
* Petweekly noveltiessi Tezeract: 40% discount
* Prince Read: 30% discount
* Sortryate Galaxy: 50% discount
* Vapid Peyote Gweekly noveltiesser: 40% discount

Finally, players who link their Rockstar Games and Prime Gaming accounts will receive $ 300,000, while if you play during this week you will earn $ 100,000.