Horn is harder here! Director, thats too

Many orchestral instruments and performers deal with it. Their unison is made in my hand.

Instrument: Horn

Symponic Games, a new developer, unveiled its launch schedule with the Steam Next Fest participation of its VR command game ‘Maestro VR’. The game provides a player in the game and leads the player by holding a baton and becoming an orchestra conductor.

Play is basically a conductor’s first person, and the song is drawn with a beat with both hands. During this performance, one hand will make a beat command model and the other hand will be emphasized. The movement of the hands, which leads to the pianishmo, piano, and Forte, should also be different. In particular, he draws a command model with his right hand, and at the same time, he lifts his left hand slowly and makes it stronger.

Romanticism, represented by classical music, as well as Schubert and Mendels Zone, as well as classical music, including Mozart and Beethoven. In addition to the Renaissance and Baroque music, various music will be provided, including the 20th century and the 21st century music of postmodernism. In addition, in online mode, it is possible to play as a audience in the performances of other players.

On the other hand, unlike a game that has a great influence in the performance, the actual conductor shines more in the coaching of reinterpreting the song with its own color, playing and training. Maestro VR has made it possible to change the composition of the ensemble in order to realize the role outside of the conductor’s stage.

Maestro VR will be able to experience the demo version in advance during the ‘Steam Next Fest: JUNE 2022’ from June 1st. The demo version can lead to two songs with four difficulty with tutorials. Afterwards, the PC version will start early access with Korean language, and the meta quest version will be released later.