Dauntless began a radiant ascent with new monsters and equipment

The developer of Phoenix Labs has released a new content patch 1.10.3 for the free cooperative role action Dauntless. This update will add to the game the task “shining ascent” with new dynamic amplifiers, a unique puzzle mechanics and a monster chnovoror, which you will have to fight in the last arena.

Dauntless 1.10.3 - Radiant Escalation, NEW Behemoth – Alyra, NEW Invigorated Cell

In addition, players will be able to experience their strength in the battle with another new monster called Alir, which will be available in paradoxical faults and different ascents. As a reward for the victory over it, you can collect a complete set of weapons of the weaver of glyphs and enchanted armor.

Also, part of the update will be a new property, the generational generation generation, two hunting passes, various balanced edits and other changes along with errors.