Destiny 2

Who is Safia in Destiny 2?

Over the past few seasons, Destiny 2 worked at the full coil in terms of the plot. The “Ghosts” season is no different, it throws you right into it as soon as you load Destiny for the first time after its launch. During the introductory mission, players will face the nightmare of Safia. That’s who Safia is in the wider world of Destiny 2.

Who is the nightmare of Safia?

Nightmares Creations of darkness created by the pyramids for use as a psychological war. These nightmares often take the form of any regrets or fears that may have a goal . Their goal is to damage the target grief and injury. During the introductory mission, you are faced with a nightmare of Safia. At this time, Eris Morne urges you to be careful, since nightmares are unpredictable. The blockage, on the other hand, casts caution to the wind and begs you to follow the nightmare. Feeling of recognition in his voice.

Possible plot spoilers of the season : this facts end and speculation begins. At present, we are not sure who Safia is and what place it occupies in the Destiny world. Nevertheless, there are several tips that can help us guess who she could be. Firstly, this is the tone of the voice of the rubble when you are faced with a nightmare of Safia. He sounds alarmed and desperate as if he had just seen someone he once knew, or a ghost.

Then we can use some tips from the nightmare itself. The nightmare is shown in long dress with long loose hair when talking in a higher female t1. This leads us to the assumption that Safia was the wife of the rubble. . From past records, we know that the blockage once loved a mortal woman who died due to old age. After this happened, he stated that he would never love someone so much.

SAFIA - 'Resolution' (live for Like A Version)

We will not know for sure who Safia is, until we delve into a seasonal story, but we think that it will soon become clear that Safia is the mortal woman who once loved so much.

_ We will update this leadership, as soon as the personality of Safia is confirmed._

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