Summers War: Chronicle, Summoner 3 Cinematic

Com2us (CEO Jae-jun Song, Lee Joo-hwan) released its new MMORPG ‘Summers War: Chronicle’.

‘Chronicle’, which is scheduled to be released in Korea in July, is developed using IP (Intellectual Property Rights) of Global Hit ‘Summers War: The Arena (Summers War)’, a global hit that has surpassed 140 million downloads worldwide. MMORPG. For the first time in the ‘Summers War’ IP-based game, the user appears as a summoner character, teaming up with more than 350 kinds of summons.

You can enjoy adventures and combat by choosing a summoner you want from three unique summoners, including ‘Orbia’, which uses a variety of magic, ‘Kina’ with healing ability, and Cliff, which protects allies.

The summoner cinematic video released interestingly with the ability of each summoner, the core contents of Chronicle, with the friendship with the summoners with colorful graphics and dramatic stories. The summoner cinematic video was produced in three types, starting with the magical summoner ‘Orbia’, which was released today (25th), and on the 26th, Kina, the summoner of the healing, on the 27th It will be released on the official YouTube channel of ‘Chronicle’ one by one.

[Summoners War: Chronicles] Battle Cinematic - Foggy Prison

You can see the summoner characters with various charms, such as the summoner Efrit and the Kinabia who overcome the crisis, Kina, who heals the injured servor Marshall Cat, and the summons, such as the summoner and the cliffs with a pump of rewards.

Meanwhile, Com2us has recently launched a pre-booking event for the domestic service of Chronicle, and after its debut in the Korean market in July, the C2X ecosystem-based PLAY to OWN, which can own play results in the second half of the year after the first round of the Korean market. ) It will be launched in the global market as a game.

‘Chronicle’ cinematic videos and various videos can be viewed on the official YouTube channel, and pre-booking can be participated through the ‘Chronicle’ official pre-booking page.