How to get stickers in Pokemon Go

Stickers are a new flavor that you can add to your Pokémon Go gifts. These objects will do nothing for your account and they will have no influence in the game other than the personalization of the gifts you send to your friends in the game. Everyone will receive a small series of stickers at the launch of the service, but You will only receive five. How do you earn more stickers?

How to get and use Stickers in Pokémon Go
The developer Niantic has detailed two methods in which players can expect to receive additional stickers. Everyone will receive the first models for free, but after that, players will have to earn more thanks to the gifts that their friends will send. You will receive them with other objects. If all is well, because these articles are cosmetic, they do not remove the total of the articles you receive from a gift, but they should not do it.

There are only five models when launching the functionality. Once other designs are available, you can expect to buy them in the Pokémon Go shop. They will be on sale for your purchase. We do not know if these products are exclusively real money or if they allow you to buy with Pakecoins. If they are only offered for Pokécoins, we have no idea of the price to pay. This can range from a small handle to 50.

New designs could become a pokémon go fans to collect and accumulate regularly to send them to their favorite coaches. These stickers do not have much value in the game, apart from a fun cosmetic function to send to your friends who open your gifts once a day. There will be a maximum number of sticks that coaches will be able to hold.