After a nice success on Steam, Needy Streamer Overload promises to Switch

Released in January on Steam and sold to 450,000 copies, the Visual Novel Needy Streamer Overload will be available on Switch on October 27, Wss Playground. A box output is even already planned in Japan with an artbook and the OST on CD as a bonus to bring the price from 4,378 yen (against 2,640 yen for download).

NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD All Ending / Secret.Txt Indie Anime Game Secret Needy Girl Overdose Ecchi
Also known in Japan under the perhaps more problematic name of Needy Girl Overdose , this title recounts the daily life of Ame, young girl in great need of attention and approval that targets first place in the classification streamers by inventing a very different personality of his everyday life and responding to the name of OmgkawaiIengel.

The player observes events in the skin of P, partner and producer responsible for advising Ame to allow him to get more subscribers and obsessive fans, including Otakus with generous donations. The other challenge will be to influence your personal life to keep it in good health. And if possible avoid one of the disastrous conclusions that the game suggests. Abuse of psychotropic drugs, cyberbullying, nerve depressions and other suicidal thoughts are among the themes covered in the many ends offered by the game.


Needy Stream Overload – Switch trailer