Tears of Themis guide to mini

Event of the mini-game “Tears of Themis. The secrets of the tomb museum ” will last until May 23, 2022 , and is open to all lawyers. It includes a game with memory tiles that you can play twice a day. It is strongly recommended that you participate every day to get all awards, including S-chips and the Cat Sphinx icon limited by the event.

To gain access to the event, go to the event menu and select the Banner of the Tomb of the Tomb, which depicts the Sfinx cat.

How to play the mini-game Secrets of the Tomb Museum

The dialogue will appear after entering the event for the first time. After its completion, you can start playing the mini-game Museum Himit. Click Start Start the game of memory. The game will show a board containing all the tiles with the front side up, and then the front side down. Your goal is to click two identical tiles on time ** so far there is no one left.

There are no consequences for comparing irregular tiles-you can repeat the attempt as many times as you want until you complete the mini-game. Laying tiles is random in each round. If you do not like to guess, you can take a picture of the screen with tiles facing up and refer to the image during the game.

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You can only play in the mini-game twice a day and you need to play 20 times to get all the awards of the event. Each round will reward you with 3000 stellins, while the main awards include the Koshachy Sphinx icon for 14 completed attempts and 100 S-chips for 20 completed attempts.

All awards will be sent to your in -game mail and must be declared within seven days otherwise they will disappear forever.

How to get tickets for Khaimit Experience

If you miss a day or two, you will not be able to get all the awards. But you can compensate for missing attempts by buying Khaimit Experience tickets in a shopping center. Go to packages and select Time is limited to buy tickets.

The cost of each ticket Khaimit Experience 50 S-chips , and you can buy no more than 15 throughout the entire period of the event. Due to the cost, it is not recommended to buy tickets if you do not want to get an event.

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