Rainbow Six: Cruelty and Overknight classify the semifinals of the North Cup

The North Cup continues with another day within the competition where operators seek Expectations and great management within the competitive scene of Rainbow Six now we will have to see who will be the last two teams that advance in the day.

【Atlantica Oceanic】Illumination vs Arthur Semi Final 3rd Weekly Oceanic Mei 08 2022 PM

Cruelty turned into Victoria

During the first series we saw Team Cruelty facing unnamed eSports in a first map that nobody expected because gladiuz was very awake for the game leaving the players of the team without a name, great execution and approach of The moves they were looking for for the cruel team would be the ones that ended up ending a tremendous 7-0 ** on the scoreboard that surprised the entire public.

For the second map we already saw a reaction from Unnamed with early rounds that would help them look for the tie but it would be complicated throughout the game, Cruelty did not give in because they wanted their pass to the next day, despite everything Phaczy Key series during the rounds to send the series to overtime but the cruelty team would dominate these instances to close the encounter in their favor with 8-6 ** and thus advance to the semifinals.

The gentlemen raise the swords

The second series of the day would put Overknight against Kingdom for the last quota in the next phase, starting with a very even map where both teams sought to maintain the minimum difference during the match to the point that Koeth1c reacted from A tremendous way to close the series in favor of the Knights team leaving the map 7-5.

In the second game we saw a very similar map where Kingdom would begin to take rounds in his favor to maintain the game as even as possible but things were complicated when Xyroo turned on the monitor to achieve a good positioning within the scenario that He raised along with his team leaving a cardiac final where the overknight team managed to take the series with a 7-5 again.

After such intense games with clear winners, we have defined the semifinals of the North Cup where the best operators in the region will face tomorrow to decide the two finalists on Sunday, with the search of being the best team now only There are two days left to define who will take the north title.