Announcement to PlayStation: Xbox gives the Game Pass another device

The Xbox Game Pass not only offers a wealth of games, but is also available for various end devices on which you can enjoy your favorites. In addition to the console, the PC and mobile devices via Cloud, Microsoft is already working hard on the next hardware, where the Xbox Game Pass will be found in the future. Make your Samsung TVs ready.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate grows

With the Xbox Game Pass , Microsoft has created an amazing ecosystem. All your games in one place, at a price and on almost every device.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the complete package on offer from Microsoft. This allows you to play games on the Xbox, PC and on mobile devices via cloud and get other in-game goodies.

Now the offer should be increased even further. If one believes at least a new report by industry expert Jeff Grubb, who explains via Gamesbeat that Microsoft wants to bring his gaming library to your home via your television equipment **. (Source: Gamesbeat)

This is then done in the form similar to a Fire TV stick by Amazon . Your television then acts as a screen and the computing power comes out of the cloud. According to Gamesbeat, this should already happen in the next twelve months .

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new streaming service in Samsung app

For owners of a Samsung TVs , however, it becomes a bit more convenient, because supposedly Microsoft is supposed to sit together with the South Korean tech giant Samsung in order to bring to the devices by default . With this there is no use of a TV stick and you can immediately access the over 100 games of the Xbox Game Pass.

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However, the app is not a pure gaming library, it acts as another streaming service for films and TV series .

We will only find out more in the near future – so far, Xbox or Microsoft have not officially confirmed anything.

However, these efforts fit perfectly into the Microsoft plan to bring the Xbox Game Pass and play as many potential players closer to as possible.

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