All scars in Rogue Legacy 2

There is something to do in Rogue Legacy 2. This includes platformers, puzzles, battles with bosses and scars. Scars are optional tests that can be extremely complex. Having completed them, you will receive trophies, but first you must unlock scars and get the opportunity to fight them.

how to unlock scars in Rogue Legacy 2

To unlock scars in Rogue Legacy 2, you must defeat the boss ; Anyone is suitable. As soon as you finish this, drift House will appear in the docks next to Haron. Inside you will find a NPC named Geras . Talk to him and he will explain the scars. You can also check the condition of your scars by talking with him.

There are 16 scars in total, and many of them have special requirements before you can try them. They look like red memory. If you have problems with a certain scar, remember that you can always drop a run to start again. Here’s how to find all the scars in Rogue Legacy 2.

[Rogue Legacy 2] Unlocking All Scars

How to find all locations of scars in Rogue Legacy 2

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