The creative director of Dead By Daylight addresses the theories of murderers and survivors about The Observer

Behavior Interactive is plotting something with his last plot arc in his Archives mode, and turns largely around The Observer. This non -playable character is a kind of supervisor when it comes to the files full of traditions, and until recently, it has been largely relegated to the narrator’s position. Recent volumes have changed this by forcing The Observer to interact more directly with The Entity’s forces, and people speculate that this could mean that The Observer could end up being a killer or a survival soon.

Comicbook.com recently spoke with _Mort in daylight the creative director Dave Richard, and although our conversations were largely about Behaviour’s announcement that confirms David King as a LGBT+ character and future plans for more diverse chapters, naturally They went to other parts of the files since that is where David’s last story develops. We point out that people have many theories about The Observer and if that new character can soon be played after everything; You can consult any number of these theories through games forums or other sites like Reddit – and asked Richard what he thought of this type of theories.

«Then, I will answer that there are some secondary characters, characters that cannot be played, right? Then, in DBD tradition, is Benedict, who has been there since the launch, ”said Richard. “Vigo, some other characters that appear in tradition. The observer, of course. And players always bet. They always bet that one of these characters will appear as a survivor or murderer in the future. So, of course, it is something we consider because we know that players would love to see that. Is it going to happen to The Observer? Of course, as you said, I can’t say it.

You still can’t say if The Observer or any of these secondary characters really become survivors or murderers, but Richard said the team is “really excited” with the event that is currently being developed within the files. He said that this arc is erected as a new chapter in the narrative, although a figurative chapter, not a literal “chapter” in the form ortue in the daylight the DLC are packaged.

Dead By Daylight 6th Year Anniversary The Observer / Licensed Character As The New Killer Theory!

«Really excited about this event. We are shaking The Archives in a significant way and this volume and what is happening with The Observer will make the universe progress. Then, it will reveal truths about our universe. And I am «I will say a new chapter, although the chapters are something else in our game, but it is a new chapter in the narrative. It is revealing something new. So getting absolutely that and reads the part of The Observer and some new characters that are appearing. in the File. It will definitely be very interesting ».

Mort in daylight A great anniversary event is approaching, so we may learn more about Behaviour’s plans for The Observer during that celebration.