The developers of Halo Infinite season 2 admit a bulky launch

_ Infinite_talo_ The season 2 is here after a long wait for the new content season, but its launch has not been precisely easy. The developers themselves have recognized that the season has been “full of potholes” so far, with players who cite general problems of the game or express complaints about the mechanics that have been eliminated from the game. In response to these comments, 343 Industries said that this type of comments is taking into account and is reviewing different options for future updates.

Joseph Staten, creative director of halo Infinito, retweeted a tweet from the Senior Administrator of the Community, John Junyszek, adding that “this week has been rugged.” He _ Infinito_ the leader recognized the specific concerns that the community has been talking about (the elimination of some map and running aids quickly) and these options are being analyzed.

Halo Infinite Upcoming Season 2 Events Even Have Playable Area

Halo infinito player Austin Mikwen (via PC player) shared a clip this week on Twitter that showed one of those map jumps that is no longer in the game after the update of season 2. This type of “characteristics” had been Present in the game until season 2, which meant that even if they were not intentional, the players had become accustomed to them enough to wish that they returned to the game after their elimination.

Another absent mechanic in season 2 is the ability to kidnap pelicans in the campaign mode. Doing it allowed the players to pilot one and helped with the fast race efforts. Since this element was in the game part for a single player and did not really affect anyone else, some players, and particularly the speed corridors, lamented the fact that it was eliminated without an explanation for their absence.

“We have seen the comments on the changes that affected several multiplayer jumps and campaign Speedrun strategies.” Junyszek said in the thread mentioned above. “We are not at the point where we can promise anything, but we want to be transparent and say that we are taking the comments seriously and reviewing the options internally.”

Junyszek addressed another problem after that thread where players noticed that semi -automatic weapons were “interference.” That is not really what is happening, but it is still a mistake that makes weapons stop shooting unexpectedly, and is being investigated, said the senior administrator of the community.