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PES 2020: Konami distributes 500 free myclub pieces

Whoops! I do not know how it escaped everyone, but it seems that Pes 2020 launched without the usual transfer of the first day, which left a lot of people who are late to have launched their game in the Master League.

Usually, when PSE is delivered, it comes with a quick download that puts all the players in the right places, but this year, it seems that someone at Konami has forgotten to press the first leg button. This means that if you start the game now, you will see that Coutinho is still in Barcelona instead of Bayern Munich and that Aaron Ramsey has not yet managed to go from the Premier League to Serie A.

As you can imagine, fans of the series did not benefit from it, but at Konami’s credit, they hold their hands and accept responsibilities. They said that anyone who has finished the Myclub tutorial between the day of the launch and that of the update, the tomorrow September 12, will receive 250 myclub pieces for each day when the game has passed without the live update. This means that if you have had PES 2020 since yesterday and if you have managed to finish the tutorial, you expect to win 500 Myclub pieces for your problems.

If you haven’t finished it yet, it’s still time to get your hands on free stuff, and we love all free things, then enter PES 2020 and take some of Konami’s documents.