Thanks to Ulrich, Stuttgart follows the final thanks to Ulrich

After an initial initial phase, in which there was a lot in midfield, the game between the U-17 juniors of the Hertha and VfB Stuttgart took place: The winning goal scorer of the first leg, Boakye, opened with his shot from an acute angle, the Goller parried, a rapid phase (13th). In direct return, Pereira Mendes immediately had the first opportunity for the Berliners. However, Seimen reacted strongly at the end of the foreign player and steered the leather on the post with a foot parade (14th).

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Afterwards, an intensive game with many duels developed, in which the guests got better and better with increasing playing time. Therefore, Goller focused on after 28 minutes. First, the Hertha goalkeeper parried a long-range shot from di Benedetto (28th) before he steered a conclusion from Hannak to the inner post at the subsequent corner. From there, however, the ball hit the goal, so Sommer had to clarify on the line for his already beaten goalkeeper (28th). Since Popp’s shot flew over the goal on the opposite side (29th), the break went goalless.

Ulrich’s double pack ensures the decision

In the second round, the Stuttgart team caught a dream start: Shortly after the restart, Ulrich remained cool after a penalty from Popp to Boakye and put his colors in the lead (46.). The home side then needed two hits to force a penalty shootout and went to the risk accordingly. They were punished for this: VfB used the first counterattack to the preliminary decision – Ulrich was in the right place for the preliminary decision and laced his double pack (49th).

Since the hosts no longer recovered from this shock, the Stuttgarters also dominated the game. However, the guests missed the lead: While Bujupi (62nd) and Boakye (73.) each only hit the crossbar, Goller parried a free kick from di Benedetto glossy (72.). Maza was more efficient shortly before the end, who set the final point with the connection goal (80th) – 1: 2.

Schalke is waiting in the final

After the 1-0 in the first leg, the Swabians also won the second leg of the semi -finals. In the final on May 8, the champion of the Bundesliga South/Southwest will be guest at FC Schalke 04.