Lawmakers in Russia thought about ways of confiscating cryptocurrencies

Participants in the Council of Legislators (it turns out that in Russia there are such) are occupied by the development of measures to strengthen responsibility for violations and crimes that are associated with the use of digital money.

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According to the head of the commission, Konstantin Tolkachev, the issue of countering financial fraud becomes particularly relevant in the prevailing difficult geopolitical conditions.

Attempts by unfriendly countries to use modern financial instruments as offensive funds create space for various kinds of fraud, which can cause great economic harm to Russia. In particular, we are talking about underground currency operations and the use of cryptocurrencies to finance illegal actions and organizations.

Officials drew attention to the fact that in Russian laws there is no clear procedure for the arrest and confiscation of digital assets. And this annoying misunderstanding, they strive to fix as soon as possible, creating a separate institution, which will be responsible for the removal of crypts.

Naturally, no specifics of how this process will look like, state -owned men did not tell.